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Lives Defined by Love: Forgiveness


Lives Defined by Love: Forgiveness

In this single session, Professor Ross Hastings teaches on a biblical understanding of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the greatest concepts in the Bible, known to "let go" to "set free." This is where we find the heart of the gospel, and freedom in our lives today.

What's included?

This session comes with a hands-on guide to walk you through the video teaching. The workbook includes teaching summaries and practical tools to implement the content. 

Practical Tools

Each session comes with discussion questions and exercises to either work through with others (or answer on your own) to practically apply the content to your personal lives.

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Meet Your Guest Speaker:
Ross Hastings


Ross Hastings, a Zimbabwean Scot, holds PhDs in organometallic chemistry (Queen’s University, Kingston) and theology (University of St Andrews, Scotland). His teaching interests include systematic and historical theology, Trinitarian theology, pastoral theology, theology and spirituality of mission, ethics, and the interface between science and theology. 

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Lives Defined by Love: Forgiveness 
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