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Spiritual Practices: Devotional Life
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Devotional Life

In this single session, Darrell Johnson focuses on the spiritual practice of the Devotional Life. Understanding the spiritual practices through a biblical and gospel-centred perspective is a continuous and dynamic development that deepens our maturity in knowledge, and godliness.

What's included?

This session comes with a hands-on guide to walk you through the video teaching. The workbook includes teaching summaries and practical tools to implement the content. 

Practical Tools

Each session comes with discussion questions and exercises to either work through with others (or answer on your own) to practically apply the content to your personal lives.

Meet Your Guest Speaker:
Darrell Johnson


Darrell Johnson is a seasoned pastor, teacher and preacher. With over 50 years of experience preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the sermons of Darrell Johnson have served hundreds of thousands. 

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